One could be forgiven for thinking that the fairies had arrived in Eagle Canyon – masses of moving lights wandering about in semi-organised fashion all over the golf course ! The occasion ?.... the Canyon’s first ever Orienteering event in the dark.

With a record entry of over 200 participants (although a few did not make it to the start) bolstered by the support of no less than thirty two groups of residents - the night race can go down as a record for the Urban Series in Gauteng !. The pleasant surroundings, ambience of the Event Centre at the clubhouse, the sponsored wors rolls and other refreshments coupled with a stunning sunset....what more could one ask for ?. Oh, and there were some tough courses !!!

While there were a few retirements - notably some experienced Orienteers (no names, no pack-drill !) and some runners who got their money's worth.....the elite lot came very close to the predicted winning times. Perhaps the dark conditions adding a few seconds per leg !

Bradley Lund took the Mens race in a time of 24:06, with his nearest rival - showing prowess in the dim light - Nicholas Mulder, over 2 minutes behind. Third spot went to Michael Crone. Michele Botha simply trounced her opposition, finishing nearly 4 minutes in front of Jessica Lund and Sarah Pope. Cameron Morrison blasted around the 2,9km Novice course in 29 minutes. ALL THE DETAILS AND FINISHING TIMES CAN BE FOUND IN RESULTS.

A big thank you to Eagle Canyon Estate and their Home Owners Association for allowing us Orienteers into their 'space' ; special thanks to the HOA PR Karen van Huyssteen and appreciative thanks to Tim Crawford of Rawson Properties for the very welcome after-race 'dinner' for all competitors !

As always we acknowledge all the RACO club members who assisted on the evening.  See you all at the next night race at Houghton Golf Course on 11 April !


Deceivingly, the quiet office park at Woodlands, with its many buildings, ponds, paths and lush open veld, became the scene of a stampede of local game and runners on Sunday !

A very encouraging crowd of entries - bolstered by the School's League group that had just returned from a Training Camp.

Michele Botha trounced her opposition in the Ladies race, with Jess Lund and Tania Wimberley left to pick up the pieces in her wake !. Mens event winner, Michael Crone was only 24 seconds ahead of his rival Brad Lund, with Eugene Botha the best of the rest almost two minutes in arrears. Connor Morrison was the Novice Category winner once again. [All Official Results will be published in RESULTS when they are received from the organisers, WITSOC]

First time Planner, Caitlin Stewart made good use of the area made more intricate by the many 'dead ends' incorporated into the leg choices...keeping the best of competitors literally on their toes !

Next Urban Series event takes place at night at the Eagle Canyon Golf Estate on 28 March - get those entries in for this PRE-ENTRY AND PAY ONLY race ! ENTRIES CLOSE 25 MARCH !!!!!!!!!!!!



You have no time to lose - get those entries in before the closing entry deadlines for the HOUGHTON GOLF ESTATE NIGHT CHALLENGE Challenge....the second in the Golf Course Night Series. CLOSING DATE FOR PRE-ENTRIES IS STRICTLY 8 APRIL. This is a PRE-ENTRY / PRE-PAY event only.  NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY. Do not be disappointed for not being part of a new experience in a safe Estate !


Enjoy running around at night with a headlamp strapped to your head ? - then why not join in the fun at Emmarentia on Wednesday 8 April for the next Metrogaine race ? Running in pairs, teams are given a certain time to go in search of as many checkpoints as they can muster in an urban (street) environment.  Get your entries in now.  Go to:  Metrogaine Jo'burg


RACO are offering prizes for newcomers who take part in the 3-event Golf Course Night Series !

Lucky draw cash prizes will go to four different age categories - so be sure to join the fun !  enter and run in all three Night Challenges. The next two events are at Houghton GC and Randpark GC on 11 and 18 April respectively.


Those members that joined the jovial bunch of RACO's at Fratelli's on Tuesday night were not disappointed....
This end of the long table, with charged glasses and fully adorned plates, they tucked in while enjoying the chats - hardly once was Orienteering even mentioned ! Thanks Zoe for making the arrangements. Next time we hope to see more of you....especially welcome are our new members !


Apart from the rain storm on the afternoon - the Gauteng Club Orienteering Championships held at the new Midstream College venue, dished up a few surprises with RACO's top men's teams being disqualified !!! Going to press, the official trophy handout was aborted due to some uncertainties in the results.

As it stands, RACO's First Ladies: Zoe Brentano, Tania Wimberley and Christie Courtnage finished a credible 5th overall and first placed Ladies Team [Photo courtesy Val Brentano - ED]

The Helpmekaar Hoerskool Boys nearly caused an upset beating the best senior teams in Gauteng, coming home 3rd overall only 4 minutes behind winners the ROC Stars.  Second on the road was a team from WITSOC.



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8 April - Metrogaine - Emmarentia

11 April - Urban Series # 7 - Houghton Golf Estate (NIGHT)

18 April - Urban Series #8 - Randpark Golf Course (NIGHT)

Details can be found in EVENT NOTICES.


The First Bulletin for the 2015 Big Five Series of events - starting 27 December - is now available in EVENT NOTICES. The five events take place over five competition days, around the Nelspruit area and usually attract many overseas competitors as well as SA runners. Go take a look at what's on offer !


The RACO EVENT MANUAL is now available in GUIDELINES.  This Manual sets out all the necessary steps and Procedures to stage a successful Orienteering Event. It is an aid for Planners, Controllers and Organisers and also contains Checklists and Templates.

Good idea for Orienteers to read over the document you know what it all entails and in future forgive organisers - who are all volunteers doing it for the love of the sport - who do not get it spot on on race day !!!


All SA Orienteering events are listed on the On-Line Entry Service at:

Procedure: Register on the site. Click on Country and Event (by date) follow the instructions to enter any event.


Go to the RESULTS Section to see all the results of this year's races and the latest Colour Coded Performance Log. Acknowledgements to Richard Lund, for his never-ending hard work in this department !


The newly adopted "Sarah Pope" Start Method works fantastically well - for organisers and competitors alike - provided everyone is tuned in ! It's really quite simple - but amazing how some people can't understand the concept. So here it is - New Start Procedure Made Simple:

1. Choose a Start time for your course from the Chart supplied at the Start area
2. Write your name in a blank block on the chart
3. Write that time on your Start Stub
4. Remember that time !!!
5. Be available at Start at least 5 minutes before your official race start time
6. The Control Clock is set 2 minutes ahead of the Race Clock 
7. When the Control Clock indicates your Start Time - proceed to starting pens
8. Hand your Start Stub to Official
9. Start Official will instruct you to move forward at T-1, then count down to your Race Start
10. QED !!!

In future there may not be an Official at the Control Clock and, keep focused whilst in the start area.  You miss your start time - you get dumped back in the queue to the next available time slot ! Period. [Internationally, a competitor missing a start time would be penalised- ED].

Oh, and one other, madame, we do not generally sync our clocks to a satellite !!!!!!!!!!!!


Orienteering is an outdoor adventure activity, which involves finding your way through unfamiliar terrain using a specially prepared map and your own common sense.  It can be compared to a treasure hunt.  In Orienteering, you learn to read the map, measure distances, use a compass and find your way in cross-country surroundings and at the same time have fun.


Participants leave the starting point at regular intervals and must find their way to several checkpoints, set-out at various features in the area and return to the finish, after visiting each checkpoint.  The competitor with the shortest elapsed time on each course, is declared the winner.


The activity can be enjoyed by adults and children - old and young - fit or unfit.  As you set your own pace walking or running - it is ideal recreation for individuals or groups.  Families are welcome to try Orienteering, going round the course together.


The length of an Orienteering course varies from 1,5 km with six to ten controls for beginners, up to about 10 km for the more adventurous.  The challenge is yours !.