Master-minded by the team of Nico & Rona van Hoepen, the courses at Eagle Canyon made good use of the area, with the night adding to the complex mix for the 5th round of the Urban Series.
A great turnout for the SEEFF sponsored and Eagle Canyon Home Owners promoted event, with everyone being treated to a very welcome wors roll at the end.

Despite many of the juniors away at an SAOF Training Camp, there was the usual tussle up front for the lead in the three races. First group home on the tricky-in-the-dark 2,3km course were the Terrence Keevey Group on 'home' turf !

Michele Botha - predictably won the Ladies 3,3km dash, with Alex Pope taking it for the Men on their 4km sprint around the greens, fairways and some mean rough that would make even the toughest of golfers cringe ! The full list of results are available HERE

Special mention of some fine performances on the night: All the newcomers....everyone finding their way around in the dark....welcome and we hope to see you again ; Stephany Mulder for a good run into 2nd place; Brian Courtnage first Veteran in 4th place on the Men's course ; up and coming RACO newcomer Tinus Swanepoel and Derek Brentano with a fine performance in the tricky conditions.
More action photos to appear shortly !

Next event in the Night Series takes place at Ruimsig on Saturday 1 April - be sure to get your entries in before deadline (Pre-Entries ONLY) on 29 March !


As the 2017 Orienteering Calendar has been published, all competitors are cautioned against transgressing the 'Embargo' Rule, whereby ALL BUSH SERIES venues are strictly OUT OF BOUNDS until after the event date !!! Please take note of the specific venues as found in the 2017 Calendar listing or table of Event Flyers.

The Urban Series venues - generally being Public spaces, remain open up until 24 hours before an event. So to clarify - penalty of exclusion to anyone running a Park Run at a venue prior to an O' event then !!



The First Announcement for the SA Champs happening in September - with all event and accommodation details - has been published ! Click HERE


RACO will be trialling a new Back-Up Timing system for Urban and Bush Series events. Starting at the Ruimsig Night Event, we will no longer employ a Manual Time Keeper.

In the case of an Emit Card failure, the competitor’s own watch time will be used. This requires that each competitor has a wristwatch and records their own race/elapsed time. The finish official will call for this time only if necessary. The white backup ticket shall be used to confirm their visit to each control. We believe there is enough trust that a competitor will not run ‘out of sequence’. Besides, it will only become known that a card has failed at the finish.

Please note that this procedure will not apply if a competitor is known to have not cleared their card at the start. Further, it will only be applied for a card that has failed for the first time – thereafter, the card should be replaced.

This procedure will not apply to Championship events, where manual timing will be employed as before.


Fourways High School is the venue for a unique night Orienteering experience - finding your way around the streets with the aid of a map, finding as many control-points in a set time !. The METROGAINE event, open to all, takes place on Wednesday 29 March. For more info click HERE


Despite a beautiful full moon rising, wedding guests out on the first green for a photo-shoot, the last of the golfers trudging up to the final hole and sporadic eruption of sprinklers.....we still had Orienteers running around in search of elusive controls in the first race of the Night Series, at Randpark golf course !.

RACO's Andries Swart flew very close to eventual winner, Brad Lund...but only 51 seconds separated them after the 4,2km duel in the dark !. Surprising many of the young upstarts, was Paul Wimberley, again showing he is no slouch...even at night....coming home third on the Men's Course.

The Ladies race was pretty much one-sided, with Michele Botha forever out front and winning the 3,6km event. It was however, a bit closer for second spot, and Sarah Pope claimed it only 27 seconds in front of Christie Courtnage.

Someone that surely has been eating all his carrots ....easily picking up the markers in the dark...was 2,4km Explorer Course winner Kyle !  [All the finish positions available in RESULTS - ED].

A big thanks to Roger Blane and David Chambers for a good map and some nice courses. Many thanks also to the numerous RACO members who stepped in as usual to 'man' Registration, Starts and Finish. To any newcomers - hope you were well looked after by our 'roving coaches' and you'll come back for more !

Nice to have the Coelho family from Brazil taking in our event while on a short visit to South Africa !. You're welcome back anytime O'friends !!!



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1 April - Ruimsig GC (Night) - Urban #6

8 April - Wanderers GC (Night) - Urban #7

 Details can be found in EVENT FLYERS
For all members and those people wanting to know more about the sport and how to're all welcome !
Contact : to find out more !



Orienteering is an outdoor adventure activity, which involves finding your way through unfamiliar terrain using a specially prepared map and your own common sense.  It can be compared to a treasure hunt.  In Orienteering, you learn to read the map, measure distances, use a compass and find your way in cross-country surroundings and at the same time have fun.


Participants leave the starting point at regular intervals and must find their way to several checkpoints, set-out at various features in the area and return to the finish, after visiting each checkpoint.  The competitor with the shortest elapsed time on each course, is declared the winner.


The activity can be enjoyed by adults and children - old and young - fit or unfit.  As you set your own pace walking or running - it is ideal recreation for individuals or groups.  Families are welcome to try Orienteering, going round the course together.


The length of an Orienteering course varies from 1,5 km with six to ten controls for beginners, up to about 10 km for the more adventurous.  The challenge is yours !. 


New Start Procedure Made Simple:

1. Choose a Start time for your course from the Chart supplied at the Start area
2. Write your name in a blank block on the chart
3. Write that time on your Start Stub
4. Remember that time !!!
5. Be available at Start at least 5 minutes before your official race start time
6. The Control Clock is set 2 minutes ahead of the Race Clock 
7. When the Control Clock indicates your Start Time - proceed to starting pens
8. Hand your Start Stub to Official
9. Start Official will instruct you to move forward at T-1, then count down to your Race Start (T-0)
10. GO - pick up Map and you're on your way !!!

Keep focused whilst in the start area.  You miss your start time - you get dumped back in the queue to the next available time slot ! Period. [Internationally, a competitor missing a start time would be penalised- ED].