The Annual Gauteng Club's Award Luncheon happened at the end of November. Bush Series winners were Brad Lund and Michele Botha

and Mike Crone and Michele again for the Urban Series.
Missing from the festivities was Mike, now studying in the UK.

At long last the Wimberley family mustered enough points between them to carry off the Family Trophy.

As always the O' crowd enjoyed the afternoon - looking a lot more respectable than when we meet them in the bush ! However, the less said about the venue and pathetic lunch service....the better !!!

All the various age category winners received handsome coffee mugs for their 'troubles' through the 2015 season. Go take a look at the individual scores in AGE CATEGORY RESULTS


The Club Social out at the Buggy Park after doing Water Table duty was attended by 27 eager racing hopefuls....and even though all amateurs, we only had two 'incidents' ! Liam Venter forgot to use the brakes when speeding into the pit area - driving slap bang into a pole ....while Jen took the prize of the day with her barrel roll down the pit straight right in front of all the spectators !!! She suffered multiple abrasions - but was soon back in the seat and the race continued. Brave girl !

While everyone had a great time - Gavin Venter undoubtedly produced some of the fastest lap times of the day.

He was closely followed by Monique Lanz, who took a very smooth victory in her race heat.

Then Rona van Hoepen took the leisurely option, holding up hubby Nico in the process !

From there we retreated to the Gilroys Brewery and Restaurant to settle scores for the rest of the afternoon.  A delightful Club day.  Many thanks to Zoe and our Committee for part sponsoring the rides and some drinks.

You can view more photographs of the action at : RACO SOCIAL PHOTOS

Acknowledgement to Zoe Brentano for the pics ! 


There is now a selection of photographs taken by Donovan Holmes at the SA Champs in Sabie on our GALLERY page ! Enjoy !!!!!




At this time of year we honour a few individuals.....the first was Roger Blane (unfortunately not present to collect the magnificent Spirit of Orienteering trophy) for his unselfish and committed contribution to our sport in Gauteng !

Then Kirsten Chambers was voted as the most improved Orienteer for 2015.

As if being awarded his Springbok colours for Scouting wasn't enough, Carl Holmes was also presented with a Level 1 Orienteering Coaching Certificate !

The Mountain Biking Series winners were Nicholas Mulder and Michele (again) Botha !. Well done to all our winners !


As is customary at this time of year, we give back to our 'mother club' Rand Athletics, by manning the all important second Water Station on the 32km Tough One Road Race.

The infrastructure was all set and ready to go before 5:30am and after serving several thousand 'thirsty' runners.....we were packed up - including a clean sweep of the road post-station - and having breakfast by 7:30 !

Many thanks to the very enthusiastic and record number of Members and friends that turned out to assist.


It is clear our Club Members run on their stomachs ! [no, not literally....apart from a few maybe ! ED ] A huge thank you to the Catering Gals for all the hard work throughout the past season - feeding and watering us at all the events. The spread at our Annual Water Table was superb.....bacon and egg rolls and hot coffee ! Special thanks go to Denise, Cally and Val.  Much appreciated. [No, you will NEVER get a photo of these three 'shy' maidens - ED].


Deservedly, the SILVA TROPHY - awarded to the person who has made a significant contribution to South African Orienteering throughout the past year - went to RACO Chairman Paul Wimberley !

SAOF President, Garry Morrison made the announcement in the forests of Sabie. Thank you Paul for your continued commitment to our sport !


As mother nature would have it, the SA Championships in the forests near Sabie were run under the most exhausting weather conditions - with temperatures climbing to 38 Degrees on all three days ! The number of retirees attests to the extreme conditions that competitors had to suffer. Nevertheless a great event enjoyed by all.

Day 1 saw the Middle Distance action take place in the north western section of the Olifantsgeraamte forest, while the eastern - and more physically challenging area - just below the Long Tom Pass - was used to test Long Distance competitors on Day 2. The going having been made unintentionally more demanding after the trees were 'pruned' a week prior to the event ! Trudging over the freshly fallen branches and brashings was no fun !!! The 'strategically' situated 'Cuddle Puddle' [ask Lionel about that !! - ED] was welcome relief for a lot of runners - who took the plunge !

For those that survived, the rewards were great......and the medals even encouraging some smiles from the various age category podium placings.

The 'cream' of local competitors were pitted against some strong international competition in the WRE Ranked Middle Distance race.....with Pernilla Olsson of Sweden taking the win ahead of SA's Michele Botha, with Sarah Pope in third spot. For the men, Timothy Chambers held off a strong challenge from Nicholas Mulder and Bradley Lund. First Men's International finisher was Chi Kin Man from Hong Kong in 5th place.

In the Long Distance event Nicholas Mulder turned the table on his foes, beating Bradley and Timothy in the M21 age group. The W21 category was won again by Pernilla.

Some of the Long Distance trophy winners were on hand to receive the spoils of victory !

Some highlights for RACO were double titles for several runners:
Sarah Wimberley (W12)
Heather Wimberley (W16)
Andries Swart (M16)
Kirsten Chambers (W20)
Paul Wimberley (M40)
Karen Chambers (W45)
Joan de Klerk (W55)
Pat de Klerk (M60)

For the full finishing details go to SAOC 2015 RESULTS .

It wasn't all that bad for everyone....Charles Dos Santos even managing a smile coming in to the finish !

A huge thank you to all the RACO Members involved in staging the showcase of SA Orienteering for 2015 - with special mention to Albert Epptecht for all the mapping and planning, while Lionel Stander deserves a (further) mention for all the hard work setting and collecting easy task in that heat !



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6 December - Alberts Farm - Xmas Novelty Event

12 December - Walter Sisulu Gardens - Sprint Cup

 Details can be found in EVENT NOTICES


The First Bulletin for the 2015 Big Five Series of events - starting 27 December - is now available in EVENT NOTICES. The five events take place over five competition days, around the Nelspruit area and usually attract many overseas competitors as well as SA runners. Go take a look at what's on offer !


The RACO EVENT MANUAL is now available in GUIDELINES.  This Manual sets out all the necessary steps and Procedures to stage a successful Orienteering Event. It is an aid for Planners, Controllers and Organisers and also contains Checklists and Templates.

Good idea for Orienteers to read over the document you know what it all entails and in future forgive organisers - who are all volunteers doing it for the love of the sport - who do not get it spot on on race day !!!


All SA Orienteering events are listed on the On-Line Entry Service at:

Procedure: Register on the site. Click on Country and Event (by date) follow the instructions to enter any event.


Go to the RESULTS Section to see all the results of this year's races and the latest Colour Coded Performance Log. Acknowledgements to Richard Lund, for his never-ending hard work in this department !


The newly adopted "Sarah Pope" Start Method works fantastically well - for organisers and competitors alike - provided everyone is tuned in ! It's really quite simple - but amazing how some people can't understand the concept. So here it is - New Start Procedure Made Simple:

1. Choose a Start time for your course from the Chart supplied at the Start area
2. Write your name in a blank block on the chart
3. Write that time on your Start Stub
4. Remember that time !!!
5. Be available at Start at least 5 minutes before your official race start time
6. The Control Clock is set 3 minutes ahead of the Race Clock 
7. When the Control Clock indicates your Start Time - proceed to starting pens
8. Hand your Start Stub to Official
9. Start Official will instruct you to move forward at T-1, then count down to your Race Start
10. QED !!!

In future there may not be an Official at the Control Clock and, keep focused whilst in the start area.  You miss your start time - you get dumped back in the queue to the next available time slot ! Period. [Internationally, a competitor missing a start time would be penalised- ED].


Orienteering is an outdoor adventure activity, which involves finding your way through unfamiliar terrain using a specially prepared map and your own common sense.  It can be compared to a treasure hunt.  In Orienteering, you learn to read the map, measure distances, use a compass and find your way in cross-country surroundings and at the same time have fun.


Participants leave the starting point at regular intervals and must find their way to several checkpoints, set-out at various features in the area and return to the finish, after visiting each checkpoint.  The competitor with the shortest elapsed time on each course, is declared the winner.


The activity can be enjoyed by adults and children - old and young - fit or unfit.  As you set your own pace walking or running - it is ideal recreation for individuals or groups.  Families are welcome to try Orienteering, going round the course together.


The length of an Orienteering course varies from 1,5 km with six to ten controls for beginners, up to about 10 km for the more adventurous.  The challenge is yours !. 


For the 'umpteenth' time the Rand Orienteering Club - featuring the family trio of Michele, Eugene and Nicholas - ran off with the prestigious trophy at this year's Relay race held in the Klipkraal forest near Sabie.
They were well and truly shaken though to have the Polokwane Orienteering Club team lead the first leg.....with Ephraim Chuene running a blistering pace !

Teaming up to tackle the Club teams were Matthew, Dave and Pernilla entered as 'The Durban Swedish Coalition'.....
who finished in 7th spot.

The University trophy was claimed by WITSOC - with Sarah Pope, Dylan Barry and Sarah Roffe running into second place overall.


Durban Orienteering Club (DOC) staged their first 'home grown' event last Saturday at Cordwalles College near Hilton! From the map, to course planning and event organisation it was all their own efforts !!!  Drivers behind the initiative - apart from Peter and Dylan Hemer, who took a back seat on this one - were Sam and Emma Hubble...with loads of enthusiasm ! The turnout was fantastic and a huge future following is expected.  Well done to Emma on producing her first Orienteering Map.  May the club go from strength to strength down in KZN !