Initiatives in Switzerland, spear-headed by Coni Muller (you remember her and the family stay in SA ?) - aided and 'abetted' by one Pieter Mulder - have raised a sizable cash amount to contribute to the growth of Orienteering in our country !. Added to this is a donation of 130 control kites by the O'Club in Chur. Benefactors include Gian-Reto Schaad and the Grueniger couple Hilda and Gusti. To all of you we are sincerely grateful.

Fledglings such as the Polokwane OC, under the enthusiastic influence of Ephraigm Chuene, stand to gain with this generous injection of support.


The Pretoria Botanical Garden was no challenge for Tim Chambers, who whipped around the 3,6km course in a staggering (to the rest of us) 20 minutes.....nearly 5 minutes clear of closest rival Nick Mulder !. Third placed man was our Paul Wimberley bringing home a podium for the 'old toppies' category.

Michele Botha had a bit more competition in the form of Christie Courtnage and Sarah Pope in the Women's race......finishing in that order. The Explorer course was won very nicely by Janine Harrison. The Full Results can be found HERE .

The weather turned out perfect, the map and courses superb as always at this venue and generally everyone had a great outing. Here, showing off her new colours.....having joined Margeret Archibald coming in to the finish.

Also having a good run on the day was another Club member Tiffany Harzon....

But it was this group - The Elite Orienteers (Martin Hanlon's side-kicks) - who really got their money's worth and spent most of the morning up and down the hill looking for those pesky little orange markers !!!

The Urban races take a serious turn in the next three weeks with events being held in the dark ! See you all at the Golf Course Night Series starting on 11 March.




All RACO Members and families are invited to a PIZZA Evening on Friday 3 March at La Mama's restaurant in Ferndale ! Drinks are free but the pizza you pay for. Pre-booking is ESSENTIAL - contact Zoe ( ) before 28 February.


Get those headlamps and torches charged your carrots.....and enter the forthcoming Golf Course Night Orienteering Series !!!. Darkness adds a whole new dimension to the meaning of 'searching' for a Control marker - and thank goodness the distances are relatively short, so we don't have to wait the whole night for you to return to the finish. Huge fun to be had by families going out in 'packs' together or venturing into the unknown by yourself. See all the info in event flyers !!!


Fourways High School is the venue for a unique night Orienteering experience - finding your way around the streets with the aid of a map, finding as many control-points in a set time !. The METROGAINE event, open to all, takes place on Wednesday 29 March. For more info click HERE


Woodlands Office Park - the scene of some spirited challenges between the countries' top Orienteering speedsters and several small herds of charging antelope......made for an interesting morning of control punching and some indecently fast running !  

Tim Chambers was however in a class of his own, trouncing the Mens' field by whole minutes !. Brad Lund (2nd) and our (high performance) Paul Wimberley (3rd) could just not make up the gap.

Michele Botha is not relinquishing her 2016 crown easily and equaling the speed of Tim, came home first in the Womens' race.  She was followed by Christie Courtnage and Tania Wimberley, who has suddenly sprung back to the notice to her much younger counterparts that she means business this year !.  The Malherbe ladies took the spoils in the Explorer event, ahead of a whole gaggle of groups and newcomers. All the official results are available HERE

Welcome to all new Club Members, but especially to the young Morrison boys, who looked 'the real deal' in their newly acquired RACO running kit....

Many thanks to Peter Carides and his willing team of WITSOC helpers for a well enjoyed Urban Series event.  Next race in the Series takes place at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens on Sunday 19 February.  See you AND YOUR FRIENDS there !!!


New RACO O'kit was launched at the AGM....


The first event of the 2017 Urban Series - short O' races organised in park, school or golf course venues - got underway at the St Johns and Roedean schools this past weekend. A great turnout of 120 entries enjoyed three well organised morning races.

The Mens category was dominated by a small International contingent, with Yannick Michiels coming out on the top of the podium. First South African was Tim Chambers in 4th place, with Rory Ellis being the first RACO home.

At it again were the three top ladies Michele Botha beating Sarah Pope and Christie Courtnage in the Ladies category. The Malherbe Team won the Explorer course - especially designed for newcomers and groups.  The official placings for all thre races can be found in RESULTS.



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11 March - Randpark GC (Night) - Urban #4

18 March - Eagle Canyon (Night) - Urban #5

1 April - Ruimsig GC (Night) - Urban #6

8 April - Wanderers GC (Night) - Urban #7

 Details can be found in EVENT FLYERS
For all members and those people wanting to know more about the sport and how to're all welcome !
Contact : to find out more !



Orienteering is an outdoor adventure activity, which involves finding your way through unfamiliar terrain using a specially prepared map and your own common sense.  It can be compared to a treasure hunt.  In Orienteering, you learn to read the map, measure distances, use a compass and find your way in cross-country surroundings and at the same time have fun.


Participants leave the starting point at regular intervals and must find their way to several checkpoints, set-out at various features in the area and return to the finish, after visiting each checkpoint.  The competitor with the shortest elapsed time on each course, is declared the winner.


The activity can be enjoyed by adults and children - old and young - fit or unfit.  As you set your own pace walking or running - it is ideal recreation for individuals or groups.  Families are welcome to try Orienteering, going round the course together.


The length of an Orienteering course varies from 1,5 km with six to ten controls for beginners, up to about 10 km for the more adventurous.  The challenge is yours !. 


New Start Procedure Made Simple:

1. Choose a Start time for your course from the Chart supplied at the Start area
2. Write your name in a blank block on the chart
3. Write that time on your Start Stub
4. Remember that time !!!
5. Be available at Start at least 5 minutes before your official race start time
6. The Control Clock is set 2 minutes ahead of the Race Clock 
7. When the Control Clock indicates your Start Time - proceed to starting pens
8. Hand your Start Stub to Official
9. Start Official will instruct you to move forward at T-1, then count down to your Race Start (T-0)
10. GO - pick up Map and you're on your way !!!

Keep focused whilst in the start area.  You miss your start time - you get dumped back in the queue to the next available time slot ! Period. [Internationally, a competitor missing a start time would be penalised- ED].



As the 2017 Orienteering Calendar has been published, all competitors are cautioned against transgressing the 'Embargo' Rule, whereby ALL BUSH SERIES venues are strictly OUT OF BOUNDS until after the event date !!! Please take note of the specific venues as found in the 2017 Calendar listing or table of Event Flyers.

The Urban Series venues - generally being Public spaces, remain open up until 24 hours before an event. So to clarify - penalty of exclusion to anyone running a Park Run at a venue prior to an O' event then !!