The O' season is finally 'finished en klaar' ! The two-heat Sprint Cup was held at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens....and no surprises, was won respectively by Michele Botha and Mike Crone in the ladies and mens categories.
[Photo courtesy: Val Brentano]

The Overall Finishing Positions can be found in RESULTS

Some challenging courses set by Liz and Nicholas Mulder, had competitors chasing their tails though grassy fields, rocky slopes and some very tricky path networks. Everyone had a great time - especially the 'wannabee 2025 SA O' Squad'....
[Photo courtesy: Adele Ogilvie]

That's definitely IT for the year people - but be sure to keep training and we'll see you back again at the first event in January.


A splendid brunch in the grounds of the historic Norscot Manor House was the scene of this year's Annual Gauteng Club's Prize-Giving function - very capably organised by the TUKSOC club. 

All the winners of the various racing and age categories were honoured after a year-long 'battle' with the elements and opposition alike ! For the first time in history - there was a dead-heat for the Mens Open title.....
...both Bradley Lund and Tim Chambers (seen here with co-organiser Jess) scoring exactly the same amount of points over a long, hard season of Bush and Forest racing !

Really on top of her game in 2014, Michele Botha simply trounced the opposition in the Bushveld as well as mountain bike series. Brother Nicholas was the Mens winner of the MTB-O series.

The Urban Series was once again dominated by speedsters Mike Crone and Stephanie Courtnage.

Remember, in Orienteering we are ALL winners in our own right ! Just finishing some of the courses planners throw at us sometimes is a huge achievement.  So well done all !. To find out how YOU fared .....go to the RESULTS tab to find all the Log positions for the season gone by !.


The cream of South African Orienteering descended on the sleepy hamlet of Hilton and commandeered Hilton College and surrounds for a mammoth 2014 Title chase taking in the Middle and Long Distance as well as the coveted inter-club Relay races. 
All age categories were well supported, but unfortunately only the 'top dogs' walked off with handsome trophies for the Long Distance event. Michele Botha (ROC) was crowned the 2014 SA Womens Open Champion, with RACO's Tim Chambers retaining his SA Mens Open title.

Several competitors claimed victories in both the distance races:
Mathew Bell (M16)
Dylan Barry (M20)
Stephanie Hurry (W21B)
Margeret Archibald (W35)
Linda Croxford (W45)
Brian Courtnage (M50)
Joan de Klerk (W55)
Monika Cooper (W65)
Albert Epprecht (M70)
Charles Lautenbach (M80).

Other winners for the weekend were:
Bradley Lund (M21E - Middle)
Keagan van Huyssteen (M12 - M)
Jordan van Huyssteen (M12 - L)
Sarah Wimberley (W12 - M)
Heather Wimberley (W16 - M)
Kirsten Chambers (W16 - L)
Sarah Bennet (W20 - M)
Emma Hubble (W20 - L)
Ephraim Chuene (M21B - M)
Dylan Hemer (M21B - L)
Glynn de Klerk (M40 - M)
Garry Morrison (M40 - L)
Pat de Klerk (M60 - M)
Ken Robinson (M60 - L).

The full results for all races and age groups are available in RESULTS.

Day one saw a long trudge to the starting pens....
....but the courses were well worth the trouble.  Some stunning scenery (if one only had the time !) and an easily discernible map [Many thanks for all your sacrifices, Paul & Nico ! - ED].

There were very spirited performances over the three days - notably Tania Wimberley....
and Jordan van Huyssteen on his way here to his first ever title on the long course....

A huge thank you to Hilton College for the privilege of running on their property and even more exciting for us competitors, another chance to run in the area again in 2015 for the Gauteng Championships !

Photo contributions from Adi de Klerk




The RACO AGM and Prize-giving Social - in the form of a luncheon - will take place on Saturday 24 January.  See all the details in EVENTS.  Important to RSVP to Jenny asap.


What a great 'family' we are ! But if you want to keep getting the news, reminders, social events and yes, some orienteering ....better renew your membership now. MEMBERSHIP FORMS are available for download in MEMBERSHIP.


Up bright and early - well before the chickens - and all done and dusted by 7:30 am ......having 'serviced' over 4000 runners taking part in the 32km Tough One Road Race.......that's the RACO Spirit !

Many thanks to all the members and friends who turned out to hand Coke and water to the - sometimes ungrateful - runners taking part in the annual event. Huge thanks go to our resident 'Catering Department' who are always there with hot coffee, muffins and buns. A fun early morning - see you again next year !.


Although he must be the slowest of the family, Brian Courtnage - really no slouch himself when it comes to getting those controls at lightning speed - joins the speedy 'brood' of Christie and Steph to 'clean up' the Family Award every year !
Some families get close, but we'll need a Superbru combination to oust this flying trio next year !

Other accolades went to Pat Howell for her lengthy exploits in the veld - earning her the Most Committed competitor. Now, if they had to include the additional time she and hubby, Evan, spend collecting controls after events.......!!!

Brian Gardner was awarded the Spirit of Orienteering Trophy for all his efforts this past year trying to get MTB-O off the ground proper. Through all his hard work, mapping, planning, advertising...MTB-O is set to see an increase in numbers in 2015.

Then last but not least, Sarah Bennett - for some obscure yet obviously comical reason, was voted as the Wally of the year !


Using several criteria, the GOC Committee choose the Orienteer who has improved most out of everyone else through the year. While RACO's Van Huyssteen boys, Keagan and Jordan were on the shortlist after their meteoric rise to serious competitiveness - it was Stephanie Mulder who took the covetted 'title' for 2014 


We've got to thank three people - in particular: Peter Hemer - for his vision and perseverance; Nico van Hoepen - for all his hard work mapping and planning and finally Paul Wimberley, the ever-suffering RACO Chairman for his mapping and planning....the SA Championships at Hilton College !
The weekend-long event - which was out of the top drawer - was well orchestrated by the Durban Orienteering Club (DOC) in collaboration with RACO. Thanks too go to the many members of both clubs who had a part in the success. Special mention to Clare Collier (DOC) who, at her first event, handled the chaotic starts on both days with ease !

Many thanks for organising the braai / social Bronwyn and Peter Hemer. A pleasant evening was had by all !


The chief instigator and champion map-maker of Polokwane Orienteering Club, Ephraim Chuene, was the very popular winner of this year's Silva Award.
The award is made for meritorious contribution to the SA Orienteering cause and Ephraim has excelled in helping to establish his club in the northern territory, in addition to becoming a serious map- maker.  Keep up the excellent work Ephraim !


The sharp end of the SA Relay Champs entry was a torrid affair between the top club teams from RACO, TUKSOC, WITSOC and ROC. But it was the Botha/Mulder combination that ruled the day ! After several lean years....Michele, Nicholas and Eugene managed to pull it off.

The massive field of twenty three teams took flight.....
....into the Hilton College grounds and nearby forest. [Just check out my team-mate Carl Holmes with wings !!! - ED] The start always a spectacle to watch !


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24 JANUARY - RACO SOCIAL / AGM - Fourways Gardens

25 JANUARY - Urban Series #1 - Golden Harvest

28 JANUARY - Summer Evening Series - Delta Park

4  FEBRUARY - Summer Evening Series - Delta Park

8 FEBRUARY - Urban Series #2 - Wilds

11 FEBRUARY - Summer Evening Series - Delta Park

Details can be found in EVENTS.


The RACO EVENT MANUAL is now available in GUIDELINES.  This Manual sets out all the necessary steps and Procedures to stage a successful Orienteering Event. It is an aid for Planners, Controllers and Organisers and also contains Checklists and Templates.

Good idea for Orienteers to read over the document you know what it all entails and in future forgive organisers - who are all volunteers doing it for the love of the sport - who do not get it spot on on race day !!!


All SA Orienteering events are listed on the On-Line Entry Service at:

Procedure: Register on the site. Click on Country and Event (by date) follow the instructions to enter any event.


Go to the RESULTS Section to see all the results of this year's races and the latest Colour Coded Performance Log. Acknowledgements to Richard Lund, for his never-ending hard work in this department !


The newly adopted "Sarah Pope" Start Method works fantastically well - for organisers and competitors alike - provided everyone is tuned in ! It's really quite simple - but amazing how some people can't understand the concept. So here it is - New Start Procedure Made Simple:

1. Choose a Start time for your course from the Chart supplied at the Start area
2. Write your name in a blank block on the chart
3. Write that time on your Start Stub
4. Remember that time !!!
5. Be available at Start at least 5 minutes before your official race start time
6. The Control Clock is set 2 minutes ahead of the Race Clock 
7. When the Control Clock indicates your Start Time - proceed to starting pens
8. Hand your Start Stub to Official
9. Start Official will instruct you to move forward at T-1, then count down to your Race Start
10. QED !!!

In future there may not be an Official at the Control Clock and, keep focused whilst in the start area.  You miss your start time - you get dumped back in the queue to the next available time slot ! Period. [Internationally, a competitor missing a start time would be penalised- ED].

Oh, and one other, madame, we do not generally sync our clocks to a satellite !!!!!!!!!!!!


Orienteering is an outdoor adventure activity, which involves finding your way through unfamiliar terrain using a specially prepared map and your own common sense.  It can be compared to a treasure hunt.  In Orienteering, you learn to read the map, measure distances, use a compass and find your way in cross-country surroundings and at the same time have fun.


Participants leave the starting point at regular intervals and must find their way to several checkpoints, set-out at various features in the area and return to the finish, after visiting each checkpoint.  The competitor with the shortest elapsed time on each course, is declared the winner.


The activity can be enjoyed by adults and children - old and young - fit or unfit.  As you set your own pace walking or running - it is ideal recreation for individuals or groups.  Families are welcome to try Orienteering, going round the course together.


The length of an Orienteering course varies from 1,5 km with six to ten controls for beginners, up to about 10 km for the more adventurous.  The challenge is yours !.