My First Orienteering Event ...................

Firstly, you do not need to be a member of any club to join in at an event ! Entries are open to anyone who wants to try it out or compete. As there are different grades of courses, always start with the simplest or easiest – normally the shortest too.

Basic Instruction is always available at the RACO events – just mention at the Registration table that you are a newcomer and require assistance. Its best to be shown the ropes at a real event, where all the necessary equipment is available.

If you want to find out more - contact :

073 200 1969

First easy Steps to your first taste of Orienteering:

1.   Choose an event on the  2024 calendar  that you would like to try

2.   Sign up on the Entry System  OriEnter 

3.   Select EVENTS

4.   Enter EVENT – click on Entries

5.   Select a course

6.   Select a start time

7. Pay the entry fee (online)

8.   Arrive at the event on the day at least 1 hour before your start time

9.   Collect a loaned smart card and a list of control points and descriptions

10.   At the start you will be given your map

11.       Someone will be around to point you in the right direction to your first control